Gardening Workshops




In 2018 our 3 Gardening Workshops are ‘going back to basics’. This
follows requests from several of our members who have asked for some
hands-on sessions. The workshops will be practical and informative and
led by members of the Society. All levels of expertise are welcome so
that the group can benefit from the knowledge and experience of all.
A small charge of £2 will be made for the workshops to cover expenses.
Anyone wishing to express an interest should email

Wednesday 7 March 10am – 12noon
Bringing Your Garden Back to Life
Seed Sowing – flowers for cutting and pots, vegetables: which way?
Raised beds – how to make them, why do it?
Pruning – roses, clematis, buddleja
Soft Fruit – pruning and feeding

Wednesday 16 May 10am – 12 noon
Getting in Control for Summer
Planting up our pots for summer colour, planting out vegetable seedlings
Plant supports
Pest and disease control

Wednesday 19 September 10am – 12noon
Keeping the Garden Going
Collecting and storing seeds
Hardwood and softwood cuttings
Seeds to sow now


FLOWER ARRANGING WORKSHOPS 2018 – How to progress from
‘plonking’ to ‘placing’!
All members are welcome to join in at the monthly flower arranging sessions.
Although led by Lindy Bates and Bruna Christoff, the aim is for everyone to learn
from each other. For part of the year, we focus on the titles for the Floral Art classes
for each show. This creates an opportunity to do lots of different types of
arrangement from very small to arrangements up to 1m tall. Basic principles for
successful arranging are explained and followed but there is every opportunity for
individual flair and creativity. It is amazing how different arrangements can be
although all inspired by the same title!
There will be visits to Ashford Flower Club to see how the professionals do it and
perhaps an outing to a stately home or flower festival to see some really big displays.
The gatherings, which will be held on the first Monday of each month from 2.00 –
4.00pm at Highbury Hall, Highbury Lane, Tenterden, will be both fun and sociable.
There will be a small charge to cover the cost of the hall rental. For those who may
not have their own supplies yet, there will be an opportunity to make small purchases
of oasis, containers, wires, glue etc. Details of the arrangements and flowers and
foliage required will be emailed to those who express an interest before each