Charity Plant Sale 2022


The Charity Plant Sale 2022 is on Saturday, 28 May on The Tesco Forecourt in
Tenterden. We need lots of help from our members, not only on the day but in the
weeks before the sale. Volunteers with greenhouse space may be asked to look after
potted-on plug plants – and we need lots of donations of your own plants. If you have
spare cuttings or seedlings or are dividing perennials, young vegetable plants and
hardy annuals, these are always very popular, so please sow a few extra for the sale.
Please contact Cathy Dalton, our Plant Sale Organiser, if you would like to volunteer
your services.

This year the society has decided to share the money from the Charity Plant Sale with
two local charities for two years: Kench Hill Charity and Dementia. This will make it
easier for the charities to plan more long term. Plant pots can often be sourced from
Lindy Bates or Cathy Dalton, if members wish to grow plants for the sale.

Kench Hill Charity is an outdoor
education charity providing residential learning
opportunities through nature and the
environment. Working with schools, families
and voluntary groups, Kench Hill celebrates
diversity, nurtures inclusivity and offers new
and exciting ways to discover more about
ourselves and the world around us.

The Vicar of Tenterden Trust was set up 20 years ago to provide
relief of poverty or distress and support
education for residents of the parishes of St.
Michael’s, St. Mildred’s and St. John’s
Smallhythe. This could be in the form of train
fares to visit sick relatives in hospital in
London, school educational trips for children
whose families can’t afford them, small
equipment to help elderly or infirm people who
find themselves struggling with everyday tasks.
The Chairman is the incumbent Rector,
Lindsay Hammond. Individual grants are
limited to £350.